Nova Scotia Part 1

My husband and I traveled to beautiful Nova Scotia back in mid-April and I promised way back then I would share my photos. I am behind on my postings. Very. It has been a whirlwind of transitions on the homefront since we returned. Namely, Jim and I are out on our own now, running our design studio full-time. No more corporate day jobs, just us and our creativity and a whole bunch of exciting new clients. Tomorrow marks the end of our first official week in business. Still pretty blown away that this is actually happening, but it is! More on that in blog posts to come.

Meanwhile, and before these business developments were finalized, we took an eight day holiday to the incredibly remote and utterly spectacular peninsula of Nova Scotia, Canada. There is no way to fully describe the scenic wonders of this land. My words will fall short, to be sure. I'll throw out a few adjectives though just because:

Haunting. Timeless. Otherworldly. Majestic. Moody. Transportive. Neverwantedtoleave. Ever. 

We landed in Halifax in the middle of a very cold, very wet, snowstorm. By morning, the snow had turned into rain and we adventured around the city for a bit, getting waterlogged as we traipsed the grounds of the deserted Citadel in our own self-guided tour. We saw guards in kilts! A noon day cannon was fired! We were stoked. And also, soaked. Then we hopped in our giant SUV (in which we felt very American, but were super grateful to have later on the trip for some raaawther adventurous semi-offroadings and one particularly terrifying drive in pitch-black, pea-soup fog) and drove southwest along the craggy coast to our rented house for the week.

I don't even know where to begin, so in completely in love with this house we were/are. I still can't fully grasp that two goons from the Midwest got to stay in an architectually significant structure, designed by a world-reknowned architect, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, literally at the ends of the earth. Yes. Each morning, upon waking in the brilliant silence on our hilltop, I would look out the gigantic picture windows and just start weeping it was so beautiful. Inside and out. Outside and in. The house. The land. I mean, does it get any better? I wish upon stars upon stars that we have the opportunity to go back someday and experience it all over again.

This view is part of the main room of the house. Cozy doesn't begin to describe it. A wood burning fireplace sits just out of frame, and we used that monster all but one evening of our stay. We cooked up a storm. We cuddled a lot. We read and watched cheesy Canadian tv. There were hikes and beach trips. Long drives and lighthouses. One clear night, we had a whole sky full of stars, just for us. At least it felt like that. The pair of us, on our cliffside hilltop, no one else for miles. What a thing.

I'll end here for now, but I'll be sharing more stories from our week in the Maritimes soon. For tonight, I hope I dream of the sea and the stars. :)




We are back from our eight day trip to Nova Scotia and my brain still hasn't fully reset itself back to work mode. It's to be expected after a long and mellow (and extraordinarily picturesque) holiday. I will post photos of the trip soon, but in the meantime I found these rather beautiful lookbooks from Maiyet and I thought I'd share. 

They look like they've been shot on film with all that grainy goodness, don't they? I admit I am a sucker for film, especially when the setting is someplace exotic like India for the Spring 2013 lookbook and Kenya for the Fall 2012. Match those elements with an adventurous tomboy spirit and it doesn't get much better.



Zodiac No.3

I am waaaay late in posting the current star sign, Aries, oh my goodness. I figured I should probably sneak it in here before we move on to Taurus! Ha. So here's the weird thing, I know so many Aries it's kinda crazy. From family to friends, I am surrounded by these folks. One of my favorite Aries of all time was my Mom, so it's a sign that's very special to me. But before I get all misty-eyed, let's dig right in...

Things of Note about Aries:

Aries are the very first sign of the Zodiac and a Fire sign, which means they tend to be born leaders. Yes! They own their fearless certainty. This determination is what fuels their pioneering attitude, so it's no surprise that Aries love their independence and creative expression. People take note of Aries' natural confidence and are often drawn to them like moths to a flame. The flipside to this fierce ambition and fighter spirit can be a tendency to come across as self-centered or egotistical, so Aries must remember to make an effort to foster an awareness of their peers and tune in to how their energy impacts others.

Aries are passionate creatures (Fire sign, people) and can be impulsive too, but this is also what makes them so irresistable. Their stars shine brightly indeed.

The Aries Mantra: I am a strong leader yet I remain humble and patient.





Some recent photos I've taken seemed like they would rest well together as pairs. They are matched by themes—Feasting/Adorning/Observing. Which now that I think about it, is not that far off from the fundamentals of many of my days. :)




The image of the Madonna and Child was taken at the Milwaukee Art Museum last weekend. Jim and I took a little fieldtrip up there for a change of scenery. I fell in love with the colors and scale of the piece. It was petite and just radiant, like a little beacon of hope.




Aren't the colors of those ranunculus ridiculous? I mean, really. It doesn't get much better than that. My sweet husband brought those home for me after a really lousy day to cheer me up. Yay for flowers and boys that know how to woo a lady even after three+ years of marriage.

+Instagram @notstatic



Imagine taking a holiday underneath a sky filled with more celestial goodies than you've ever seen in your life. A smorgasbord of the cosmos. Fellow urban dwellers, are you struggling with this concept too? Yatzer just featured this place, but it jogged my memory from a few months ago when Jim found this tiny little hotel in faraway Chile called Elqui Domos. It is nestled in a valley north of Santiago and its main purpose, being situated out in the middle of nowhere, is to stargaze. Yes, a hotel built around the purpose of peering out into the brilliant open sky to take in all of its wonders. It's a spectacular idea.

They also offer night-time horseback riding (how cool is that?!) meditation and tarot readings. In summary, it sounds pretty much like a dreamy escape right up my alley. Take a look at this time-lapse video of the property. It starts getting good right around the 2:00 minute mark.

They offer lovely modern cabins or geodesic tents for sleeping arrangements, both outfitted with skylights to better take in the stars while falling asleep at night. There seems no better word to describe it than heavenly, don't you think?