My Kentucky Grid

Photos by notstatic. Follow along on Instagram @notstatic.

Jim and I are back from our long, super fun weekend in Louisville and trying to readjust to the hustle and bustle of city life in Chicago. I'm not fully accepting of the traffic and the constant wall of noise just yet. Getting there... So, I took photos (of course) throughout the trip both on my iPhone and with the Holga. The Holga photos will be dropped off to be developed sometime this week and if they aren't terrible, I'll share them with y'all soon. (See me trying to flex my Kentucky drawl muscles right there?)

Anyway, as I brainstormed a way to present all my Instagram photos in a unified manner, I saw how Elise over at Pennyweight mastered the challenge, and boom. I totally stole her idea! (Thank you, Elise!!) I made a grid. And it works. And I'll probably steal this idea again sometime in the future. So. Back to the trip...we had a wonderful, wonderful time in the fine state of Kentucky. That Southern Hospitality people speak of is 100% true and genuine. The energy is warm and inviting. The downtown neighborhoods are diverse and charming and very much built at a human scale. Overwhelmingly huge buildings? Nope. Narrow-ish and curving streets? Yep. And here's an unexpected bonus: the city of Louisville is filled to the brim with outstanding, historical, residential architecture. Who knew? There is mile after mile of draw-dropping curbside beauty. I am already fantasizing about what those homes look like from the inside.

We also roadtripped to surrounding areas outside of Louisville, taking in the breathtaking countryside–the hills really are that green, softly rolling, and full of foliage that is described in the travel magazines. We visited the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery and took a tour. We meandered through tiny towns and the small and winding roads of horse country. We went to the races at Churchill Downs and lost. We ate with good friends Judson and Mia and met their beautiful little boy Grayson and silly dogs Gomez and Spike. We rested. We laughed. We loved. And I am already planning our next getaway. A good holiday will do that to a gal.

1. For the first race we bet on Number 6, Show Me The Way, at Churchill Downs.

2. The light was bright and everything was blooming in Louisville.

3. Watching for the horses to come around the bend at the track.

4. Looking up inside The Four Roses Distillery.

5. Two baby horses + a mommy horse walking towards the shade, in the countryside close to Lexington.

6. Inside The Silver Dollar, a cool spot in downtown Louisville.

7. An original vintage Dansk tablecloth I scored at The Deal, a Mid-Century Modern antique shop.

8. Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Brunch. Crazy. Touristy. Fun.

9. Friends Judson + Mia dominating at Galaga and Ms. Pacman at Zanzibar.

10. Pre-Civil War Era, the Ward Mansion. Faded glory.

11. The exterior wall of The Wine Market in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville.

12. The Zimmers, gettin' our arcade-on at Zanzibar.

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