I'm pretty sure this is why people live in L.A. As a Midwestern girl born + bred, I've never subscribed to the belief that L.A. is anything less than awesome. I know Chicagoans like to get grumpy about it, but I think they're just a wee bit jealous. I visited for the first time two years ago and was ready to move out there pronto. Needless to say, Jim and I are still in Chicago. Meh. Anyway, here's a little round-up (I'm super into collages this week for some reason) to get your brain in gear for Memorial Day next weekend. We'll be off on a mini road trip to Louisville to see some friends and picnic in rolling green meadows. Aaaahhhhhhhh....

Exterior Photos by Old Brand New Blog

ONE sunglasses / TWO lamp / THREE beach towel / FOUR bikini / FIVE bottle opener / SIX lounge

**I also wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Elise over at Pennyweight for hosting me on her blog's Wanted This Week Column. I had such a great time sourcing my finds. And do hop on over to check out all of her stylish and inspiring posts!**

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