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Vintage Moroccan Rugs

All rugs from Madeline Weinrib

Recently, I've been sourcing rugs for a client's home and let me tell you, I've been looking at a lot of rugs...A LOT. After a certain amount of time staring at a computer screen full of rugs, they kind of all start to look the same. They're mostly rectangular, colorful (though there are an awful lot of beige options out there, just sayin') cotton or wool or silk, flat-weave, hand-loomed, yadda-yadda-yadda. Here's one thing I really got excited about though, these vintage Moroccan rugs I spied over at Madeline Weinrib. That they are gorgeous goes without saying (although I just said it) but that they're loaded with these asymmetries and imperfections is what makes me all goo-goo eyed. The human touch, the reminder that someone a long time ago crafted this thing of beauty by hand and by heart? Incredible.

1/ random red patch of fringe 2/ one tiny section of the rug that is polka-dotted 3/ a lone hand-print symbol!! 4/ an asymmetrical pattern 5/ mis-matched borders


Localized: Unison Home


Unison Home is a smart, new home wares shop in Chicago and the first company I'm featuring for notstatic's new Localized Series. I just decided today that I wanted to feature more creative, local businesses, and bam! Here we go! I'm pretty into these pillows, salad servers and candle holders in bold yellow, black and taupe.

Photos via Unison Home



Photos from Covet Garden + Herriott Grace by Michael Graydon

Nikole Herriott's apartment reminds me of the first place I lived solo: a vintage one-bedroom with original porcelain sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, crown moldings, high ceilings...lovingly worn-in. There's something about old buildings from the early part of the 20th century that just say home to me. Even when they're bright with white walls they still feel cozy. Jim and I are hankering for our next place to have more of this vibe. Already dreaming of it.


5001 On a Good Day

Photos by notstatic

Last week, Jim and I went on a tidying up rampage so that when we took these photos our place looked half-way decent. There's a slight possibility we may be featured in a local publication in the home decor section so we had to submit some photos of our place for consideration. (I don't even dare admit how much I want to be chosen. It's embarrassing.) Meanwhile, we got to enjoy a very clean apartment for a day or two until the piles of crap started reemerging. So there's that.

Aaaaand there's this...get ready for some shameless self-promotion: If you like what you see here friends, feel free to get in touch with me about doing some styling work/decorating. I like helping folks make their spaces lovely and inviting and uniquely them. Reach out to me at notstaticdesign@gmail.com.

With that out there, I'll send you off with a little mantra I'll be mumbling to myself all weekend:

Be present. Be kind. Accept and surrender.





One of these days I need to take a field trip to Mjölk in Toronto where I will probably pass out from the overload of coolness.

___photos from Mjölk___