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Zodiac No.1

I have a tiny confession, I read my horoscope. I don't determine what I will do (usually) based on what I read, but I consult it from time to find. Sometimes it brings me solace or comfort or an a-ha moment. Sometimes, not much of anything. But, I still like to see what's going on up there in the cosmos. I am a novice at this stuff but I'm interested to know more. So I've decided to do a monthly zodiac post (let's see if I can stay true to my reocurring column plan...often I go AWOL when I feel I must do something. A true Pisces, am I. Anyway, fingers crossed.)

Here goes with our first dip into Zodiacland...

Right now we're in Aquarius, the water bearer, which symbolizes the sharing of precious gifts. Aquarius is an Air element and is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Some tell-tale Aquarian characteristics include: humanitarian, revolutionary, unpredictable, sympathetic, energetic, progressive, individualistic, determined.

Way to go, all you Aquarians! Now stay tuned for more zodiac posts. Giddyup!


New Branding Work

Last autumn, I posted about a new project that was in the works and at long last, I can share some of the work Jim and I did. (Yes, my husband and I have been collaborating more and more these days on design projects, which is in word, super cool. Ok, two words.) 

Our client was an historic Chicago beer distributor named Louis Glunz Beer Inc., and we were tasked with creating a new logo for them. It required delving deep into research of vintage type specimens, which I totally nerded out on. And then hours and hours of refining and then more refining. Lo and behold, some fancy schmancy new branding was born!

 Thanks so much for this opportunity, Glunz!



When it comes to graphic design, there is nothing more pleasing to me than simple, pure, perfectly done typography. See above.




I got a little lost in this Flickr feed of vintage book covers. Some great typography to be found (as well as some very cheeky paperbacks of the "romance" variety.) Enjoy. ;)


Branding : Bedow

Every once in a while, I come across a branding solution that is so simple (but perfect) that I pantomine a slap on the forehead and exclaim "of course!" to myself. (Ok, maybe sometimes out loud too.) Discovering the identity system for a Swedish company that manufactures custom built stairways and railings provided just such a moment. It doesn't really get more basic than this, and yet, it doesn't really get any cooler either. Designed by Bedow.