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Inspired By: Lost in Translation



I rewatched Lost in Translation again the other day and was reminded of how much I adore this film. I can't think of another picture that evokes so strongly a mood and so quickly too. There is stillness and space in every scene and subtle, muted tones throughout. Three of my very favorite characteristics in any sort of creative enterprise. Finally, I think this is where I first fell in love with Scarlett (didn't everyone?) and her cute little behind. And in case you're wondering, yes, those are the actual brand and style of panties she wears during the opening credits. 

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Inspired By: Tilda Swinton

Did you guys see the film I Am Love when it came out a few years ago? In a word, it is STUNNING. Every last frame is thoughtfully done. And the story has a few wowzer twists and turns that I didn't see coming. (I won't say what in case you haven't seen it.) But can we talk about the art direction, set and costume design and cinematography for a moment? Incredible, impeccable stuff. I could watch and re-watch it a thousand times just to glimpse new details I'd previously missed. So go on and rent it. You won't be disappointed. And in the meantime, check out the collection of goods inspired by Ms. Tilda Swinton's tranformative character and the Milanese mansion she calls home.

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Inspired By: Out of Africa

Out of Africa is one of those sweeping films that lasts a very long time in my consciousness. The cinematography! The exotic Kenyan setting! The romance! (Robert Redford—enough said.) The costume design! Meryl Streep! I could go on, really. But what I love most of all is the character Karen Blixen. She was such a pioneer in her day (and a real-life author too, who wrote under the pseudonym Isak Dineson.) For her warrior spirit, for her fashion sense, for making the kind of life for herself that defied societal norms, for the ultimate combination of tough yet soft, she was a force. Now on to reading the novel so I can really dig into her world. Oh yeah, and enjoy the collage of Out of Africa inspired goodies!


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Inspired By: Brigitte

When I think of Brigitte Bardot, I think of sex appeal first and the French Riviera second. I thought that mood was fitting for the welcoming in of summer. (Only a week till it's official!) So, a collection of pretty things that have that early 60s beachy vibe, just around the time Brigitte was hitting her peak popularity. Enjoy!

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Inspired By: Charlotte

Long an admirer of Charlotte Gainsbourg's cool-girl style, she seemed a perfect fit for a case study here. What I love about Charlotte's way of dressing is its ease. A simple t-shirt. A classic blouse. A perfectly worn-in pair of bootcut jeans. She's just got it, and she doesn't need to try hard. I adore that.

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