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Modern French Glamour

Photos by Claude Weber via Yatzer

Diagonal herringbone wood floors, onyx-like sliding partitions, marble, velvet, rich ginger, butterscotch and cream tones throughout...oh and Paris, the Eiffel Tower located just around the corner...does it sound like I'm describing heaven? Well, in a way I am, in the form of this masterpiece by design team SO-AN. So very glamorous. 




As someone who is drawn to most anything of the sea or by the sea (I am a Pisces afterall) it's fitting that I'm loving all this gorgeous sea-colored glassware. Can you imagine your outdoor table dotted with these aqua and cobalt beauties? I might even mix and match a few together for a fuller spectrum of ocean colors. Pretty.

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Photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Julian Wass

There's something very satisfying about the way primary colors work together, no surprise there. I like how the spaces shown here all feel very light and bright but have these saturated bursts of color sprinkled throughout. It totally works and feels really fun to boot.


Studio Dreaming

Photos by Fuzzco using VSCO Film

A frequent topic of conversation in our household is the dream of starting our own little design studio one day. Jim and I both freelance already (plus he holds down a creative director position during the day) but the freelance work happens from home. I'd love to be able to find a space where we could combine our design projects and plans for a shop. A multi-dimensional offering of creative talents if you will. It's a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, but baby steps are being taken in that direction... In the meantime, I'm finding loads of inspiration from Charleston, North Carolina agency Fuzzco. Truth be told, I've been stalking them for a couple of years now. Their work is just so good and pushes me to do better and keep dreaming big.

What pushes you creatively? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Two Things

These two things caught my eye recently. Plus, they rhyme: stairs / chairs.

Impossibly cool geometric staircase via Domus / Lovely Thonet Era Chairs seen in Domino.

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